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I find comfort in circular shapes and objects. They're visually soft and gentle as opposed to more angular shapes which can be perceived as dangerous or harsh. In fact, circles are one of the most universally preferred shapes. They provide a sense of harmony, safety, and perfection. All things that I am continuously looking for not only in the world around me, but also within myself.


I also enjoy the visual effect of small, empty holes and bulbous protrusions. Unlike circles, these are not enjoyed by the majority of the population - in fact, many people feel uneasy by the sight of such things. I believe that my feeling of contentment with these tiny cavity spaces comes from my excitement whenever I see the empty space where there was once something that didn’t belong - pores for example. The empty spaces are comforting to me because they are clean. There is nothing filling them that doesn’t belong. They are empty. I love that. Because of this, there are many small holes and cavities that occur in my work, and in a very repetitive manner. 


In addition, I am extremely attracted to loud colors, textures, and materials. Fluorescents, holographic vinyl and glitter, glossy varnishes, fluffy pompoms, crystal gems, and more. Though many of these categories would be considered tacky and unaccepted as art by many, we as humans are inherently attracted to these things. I attempt to use them in a manner that draws you in rather than pushes you away.


Though my work does visually allude to forms, textures, and patterns that typically occur in nature, such as coral reef life, microscopic cells, and other biomorphic imagery, it is rarely the intention. I embrace an intuitive process that relies on experimentation, play, and discovery.


What this all boils down to is my obsession with combining attraction and repulsion in a way that makes viewers question whether or not they love it or hate it, and often enough, they settle for both.


I enjoy exploring these boundaries because I have yet to make myself uncomfortable. That might actually be my subconscious goal.

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