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Becoming Miss Illinois 2019 has been an absolutely life-changing experience. The scholarship money that I have earned has helped me to pay off the remainder of my student loans - something I never imagined accomplishing before I turned 30. A major part of being a titleholder is having a Social Impact Initiative to focus on during your year of service. I have dedicated my year to advocating for the Arts in Education. As an artist, art teacher, and performer, this is extremely important to me. I spent the year making connections with like-minded organizations, interviewing with the media around the state, supporting arts programs in struggling schools, and working with lawmakers on preserving arts education.

The Miss America Organization has a national Social Impact Initiative  - supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. As a state titleholder, I am a state ambassador for the 3 different CMNH in Illinois. The responsibilities include: Attending and promoting CMNH fundraising events around the state, visiting patients at the hospitals, raising funds, and bringing awareness to the needs of CMNH.

Each Miss Illinois goes on to compete at the national level - vying for the title of Miss America along side the other 50 worthy candidates. We competed in several phases of competition: 10-minute Private Interview, On-Stage Question, Talent, and 90-second Social Impact Pitch. We are not competing for a crown. We are competing for a job. The show highlights a diverse group of young women, both students and professionals who embody the message of female strength, independence, and empowerment through their efforts in the areas of scholarships, talents and social impacts. The Miss America Organization is moving away from a "pageant" concept, and toward promoting the fact that they are the largest provider of scholarships to women in the nation. There are no points awarded for appearance. The competition is primarily about preparing great women for the world, and preparing the world for great women.



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