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day one

by ariel beverly

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We define our futures with goals and dreams, but often struggle to take the first leap toward achieving them. 


The goal of “Day One” is to remind women every morning when they are getting ready, to stop telling themselves “one day...” and to view every day as

“day one.”


Day One of working toward that promotion.

Day One of getting healthy.

Day One of breaking that bad habit. 

Day One of pursuing your passion.

Day One of turning your hobby into a business.


Every day is an opportunity to start something new. Stand with your head held high, cool earrings on, and take over the world, babe.

I have been making accessories for as long as I can remember. What started off as cardboard high heels and bracelets in elementary school evolved into paper dresses and fabric headbands in middle school, and eventually custom painted shoes and beaded jewelry in high school. 

In college I discovered a few new materials: Polymer Clay, Brass, and Resin - the materials that i am still obsessed with to this day. 

Throughout all of the trials and experiences that I have had throughout my life of creating, I have always known that I love making, wearing, and sharing.

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